Parent Library Help (PLH)


The PLH group at SJKC Puay Chai, PJ was established in May 1998 with 14 founding parents with the aim of assisting in the maintenance of the school library.

However over the years, the PLH's role has evolved to include storytelling, reading, board games session and more recently has expanded to improve the upkeep of the library's ambience to provide a more conducive environment for our school children.

Currently the PLH has 10 members who voluntarily team up to plan and implement activities utilising the library's resources.


To complement and supplement the home and school in cultivating the reading habit by introducing the children to fun and creative activities that encourage the reading habit from an early age.

            i.  WHAT DO WE MEAN BY THAT ?

The PLH believes that learning should be enjoyable and that the inculcation of good reading habits should start in early childhood. While a young child normally achieves this at home, it is important that this early development of reading is promoted continuously in school. To make the reading habit sticky, PLH tries to capture the children’s attention, boost and develop their interest in                                  reading for fun and excitement, and not just education.




The PLH understands that since a child is a product of her/his experiences, we believe we can value-add and therefore 

influence literacy behavior via this opportunity at school to further:-

      • develop cognitive skills (language, listening, thinking, reading, ability to focus & creativity skills
      • build knowledge (turn a page and expand the mind)
      • nurture social & emotional growth (builds bonds/empathy) 



         Story telling (Std 1 & 2)

At present, the PLH covers 19 different classes weekly. Each session is half an hour of which PLH takes up to 20 minutes whilst allowing the rest of the time for browsing and borrowing books.


Our PLH members bring their own set of unique personalities into their stories to provide

variety. This is an interesting and interactive session, non text-book style and the children are engaged in Q & A, acting out & role-play.

Our short-form episodes, slow-paced programs can be ‘funny,’ ‘exciting’, ‘enquiring’ and are targeted to ‘match’ the needs and abilities of 7 & 8 year olds. This is to attain a balanced level of learning and entertainment. To name a few, our stories deal with  moral/good manners, Dr. Seuss, non-fiction (science/animals), fairy tales & adventure, riddles & rhymes, current issues from newspapers, etc..



Introduce Books to the Children  

After an interesting storytelling session which puts the children into a curious mindset, it provides an opportunity to encourage the children to discover the books available in the library for reading.



Board Games session (Std 1 – 6)  

Board games are held once weekly on Friday between the hours of 12 – 2pm. Besides being entertaining, it promotes interaction amongst the children to improve their social skills and strategic thinking.

We try to provide a conducive environment (with soft music playing in the background) and temporary relief from the demands of school. It also helps to remove the          drudgery of only study and homework with little time for play. Additionally, itinvigorates the mind in a creative manner in an atmosphere of shared camaraderie.

          Beautification activities

A conducive environment makes it an inviting and interesting place to visit. As such, the PLH has enhanced the library through activities like:


*       Constructed a storytelling corner consisting of a doll house (April)

*       Created a corner comprising the solar system and the effects of global warming on Earth. (April) 
          This also  serves as a platform to exhibit our children’s work.

*       Refurbished display signages in and around the library.(April/May)

*       Installed café-style curtains & lined reading tables with table cloth to relax the ambience (May)

*       Painted a mural at the library entry with embedded themes (June)

         eg. Enriching Lives by Believing in Reading



In  July, the P L H / school co-organised a treasure hunt to correspond with the school’s reading month. Quiz-style, it is an innovative learning method where the children are prompted to recognise and appreciate the library’s role in schooling.


The  PLH is a devoted, creative and motivated team who works tirelessly and hand-in-hand with the school to try and accomplish our mission. The team’s enthusiasm is inspired from our hearts with a strong desire to impart and reach out to our young ones to build a brighter tomorrow.

More importantly, it is our wish :

For those who are read to, 

       will read better on their own, 

                cultivate the habit and 

                         reap the benefits of a joyful 

                                  learning experience in their life journey.


To find out more & how you may join the P L H:  please contact : Grace :-